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Here is how it works:

Thanks to  :iconsammykaye1: on letting me in on this:hug:

1. Be one of the first 14 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the "Promotional List".

2. For each of the first 14 people answering this journal I will put his or her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his or her gallery on the list.

3. If you answer, you'll have to do the same on your journal, putting me in the first position. Then rinse and repeat!

1ST: :iconsammykaye1:
Refuge by sammykaye1 Death Rides A Black Horse by sammykaye1 Hidden Glen by sammykaye1

2nd: :icondocyboy123:

.. Spirted.. by docyboy123 Take Me To The Above by docyboy123 Howling Moon by docyboy123

3rd: :iconmannydesigns:

Dream by MannyDesigns Truth by MannyDesigns Green Earth by MannyDesigns

4th: :iconkiastaal:
:thumb123304317: Gypsy Woman by kiaStaal kiss the frog1 by kiaStaal

5th: :iconyazzeh-superfreak:
Furry Leopard by Yazzeh-Superfreak

6th: :iconliquid8905:
Catch Up by Liquid8905

Mature Content

Into The Sky by Liquid8905
LA DEFENSE by Liquid8905
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Add ME!!!!! Myspace:


Hello all my friends and watchers

Im sorta depressed, I dont suffer with depression, but right now…
I just dont know…
I see all your beautiful works…and I wish I could do it:shrug:
but I just cant:cries:…I just wish I could create the works I see
I just cant seem to finish my unfinished works…All u guys inspire me
so much:hug::highfive: but I wish I could do what you guys can do, I know Im
repeating myself…sorry:) How do u guys come up with your works:please:
I think my reason I cant seem to come up with some good stuff is because
I try to do it all ya know?…I wanna do dark,fantasy, lighting effects, commercial art,pure awesome stuff, etc:faint:
I dont know…this could be my artist's block, I might have to much I want to learn:confused::shrug: i dont know…
These are some of the examples of art I really want to learn to do:nod:yep I know its impossible…BUT I WANNA DO IT ALL!!:

Anyways, Thanks for all the inspiration you guys,:iconredbullglompplz:

Crocodile Tears by MichaelO Carve Your Own Destiny by MichaelO:iconmichaelo: Yeah I know everbody…I know yall know he is my fav digital artiast of all time, hands down!:worship:

:thumb108952073::thumb107156499: :icontheotherstream:

Lonely Photograph by intanoTime of Dying by intano:iconintano:

The magic rose by LillucykaDreaming of Love by Lillucyka:iconlillucyka:

Death Rides A Black Horse by sammykaye1Hidden Glen by sammykaye1:iconsammykaye1:

:thumb80161696::thumb115997765: :iconcsnyder:

candy by poisonvectorsdreamer by poisonvectorsGaia by archanNThe Joy Ballad by archanN:iconrobshields: :iconpoisonvectors::iconarchann:

Giugiaro Mustang Vector by p3nxMurcielago Roadster Vexel by p3nx:iconp3nx:

PS3 - billboard concept by 3njin:thumb124626431:Wrigley's 5 - Cobalt by he1zFanta - Schokata by he1z:icon3njin: :iconaleszev: :iconhe1z:

YES I WANNA LEARN HOW TO DO IT ALL!!!!!!!:evillaugh: I DO!!!!!!!!!

PS, to all my friends and watchers…I didnt have enough room to put more beautiful art up!!!1
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:wave: Hello All!!!
Yeah I know its super late to do a feature but who gives a shit?:)
I dedicate this feature to the beautiful women on DA:nod: Yep I know
its alot of them:faint: So If I left you out, dont take it personal
u know u r beautiful:hug:

Also Im thinking about doing commissions. Do you think I should?Hope you like
my work enough:)

Here are the beauties, what, I have a thing for women:nod::faint:

Orange Cliche by ValentinaKalliasI love oranges:nod: My fav photo of all time:)
I'll never be the same by PlastikStarshells yeah:thumbsup: ID 4 by ChrissieCoolyeah Chrissie;)
:thumb104896379::faint: :thumb99642569:Just look:nod:

Mature Content

Rise by miss-mosh
yep Mosh is:faint:
Look Into My Eyes by dancingelfYES!:faint: :thumb127407681::love:
:nod::love:  :thumb115719789::yum:
:thumb92308046::faint: new hair by satinephoenixyep Satine:)

Mature Content

Evident by AncillaTilia
LATEX:D :thumb59011308::faint:
:thumb99532860::faint::love::nod: :thumb120171056: yeah she's in here twice!!
Fraeulein Ehrhardt Girl by ulorinvex:wow:

Yes I know I probalay left out alot of you:hug: no worries:love:
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HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!  I'd Like to Thank :iconthearconian: for the 12 month subscrition!!!:highfive::boogie::boogie:
I have gotten alot of inspiration from alot of artists here on DA.
The following works are from of my favorite artists, oh by the way I love all of their deviations, I didnt want to over do it:) And I have alot more favorite artists;)
And for the models I would like to meet, Im saying that If I make it as a graphic designer I would love for them to hold a shoot with me, I love their work. Even though alot of what I say in this journal wont happen,u never know!

:iconsaki2364: My first friend on DA:glomp::)

:iconmichaelo: My favorite digital artist of all time:)His art is amazing! My goal is to meet him one day:w00t:.

:iconvalentinakallias: A caring,beautiful and talented artist(3D and photography):hug:whose work has inspired me.

:icondancingelf:A good friend, seems like Ive known her for a long time:) Her work is so
beautiful!! Check it out!

:iconbitchinblack:A wonderful dark artist who has excellent skill in her craft:)Thanks again for the critique

:iconfrozenstarro:A deviant with beautiful fantasy skills:omfg:

:iconlady-symphonia:Another talented and beautiful Dark Artists;)

:iconnight-fate:and:iconnight-fate-stock:Ok, everyone should check out this deviant's gallery and stock:), I believe she is one of the most helpful deviants out there! Beautiful work, excellent tutorials and stock!:faint:

:iconelanordh:This deviant deserves more pageviews!!!Her artwork is so:faint:.

:iconsatinephoenix:Beauty and Illustration skills:boogie:

:iconkrak-fox:The way he incorporates typography and photomanips are insane!!!!!

:iconiso25:and:iconisostock: Excellent photography and stock! Also a very helpful deviant!


:iconvalentinakallias:yep, she's in my journal twice:) She does her own self portraits, I believe that is hard work, maybe I could give her break and take the pics for her one day:) I think that would be cool

:icondancingelf:she said If I make it as a graphic designer,and if I come to Greece she would pose for me. I believe it would be an excellent shoot:)

:iconsatinephoenix:her too! she's in my journal twice also hells yeah!!!! Gotta meet her!

:icontw1stedtruth-stock:&:iconmikaeladiane:I love her stock and her modeling.Such beauty! Another model I'd like to meet:)

:iconulorinvex:This is probaly my favorite models! I think it was the hair…and her style!and the beauty:)It would be a honor to meet her:thumbsup:

:iconmiss-mosh:One of my favorite models, hopefully I'll meet her too:)

:iconrubiacaea: I remember when I saw her work:faint: Beautiful. Thats all I can say, another model I would like to meet:)
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Hello Deviants:wave:

Today is my birthday:boogie:!!!Im now 19:bow: but guess what I have to write a paper:fight::boo::crying: Isnt that some :censored:. And that's not the worst part...I have writer's block:writersblock: I often wonder why in the:censored:do graphic designers need to write papers:confused:, we are artists:deviation: all we need is a pencil and/or a computer:)
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  • Playing: paper in the trash:)
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Ok I just want say this...
I want to tell all deviants if you ever feel that I have ripped your art(which I highly doubt),please don't be offended.I'm in no way trying to rip your art(Just to let you know)I get inspired easily:) Whenever I create a piece inspired by someone else I let them and other deviants know:)Even though there artwork is more different than mine,
They inspire me so much: :iconmichaelo::iconfrozenstarro::iconkrak-fox:::iconnight-fate: :iconlady-symphonia::iconbitchinblack: :iconelanordh:  :icondancingelf:and so many more!!:)I hope I become as great as them:)
Even the stock artists,for example when I see a stock photo,sometimes I get an idea just by looking at the photo:)Some examples some of my favs :icontw1stedtruth-stock: :iconnight-fate-stock: :iconkatanaz-stock: :iconnikxstock: :iconmjranum-stock:
All Deviants mean so much to me,ALL DEVIANTS  ARE MY INSPIRATION!!:hug:
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I finally figured out the problem:)
It was my web browser!!!!! So I downloaded MOZILLA and it worked:) I can now submit my work:excited:
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OK, I want to post my artwork but I can't:no: I dont know why,and I don't know what the problem is.
This is what happens:
-I click submit art
-I type my info and etc.
-Then I click Add File...and nothing happens:crash: I asked fellow deviants, they tried to help:), but nothing works.Im really starting to get ticked off:censored:
I went to the help desk, but I haven't got a response yet...still waiting:pc:

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know:)
Until I can figure out what's going on, It might be awhile b4 I can post more work:crying:
Im still working on my art as I speak:).It might be my computer causing the problem,who knows:confused:.
Hopefully I can post my work next week...I really want everyone to see my new work:)
Thanks for the patience
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